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The Revenge Of Emily Alice

This song is by A06 and appears on the album The Chronicles of A06 Volume I: The Dark Tower of Cypher Lecleur (2008).

To whom it may concern
It's almost over
There is no way I will live to see the light of day
It's my blood that will be spilled
But fear not for I have the last laugh

Look out, duck and dodge, snipers are everywhere!

I almost feel I should come clean
But I pray this not be found
Or else it'll all be too late
We are far too deep to be discovered or all is lost

Faster we shall run, my sword will be fed it's blood

Send my transmission to the one behind the curtain
Tell him the first prophecy has come to pass
And bless his ever wise vision
And thank him for giving me a part in the first act

The last door, we have arrived, it's time to die!

Stand by the window, you laugh like a maniac
Because I know something you don't know
We've shown no fear up to this point
And it's time to take your final bow
This was all right, now play your part
Take my head

We cut our way to the top
Now we shall finish this the right way
My brothers will never kill again
I will never kill for you again
I am not a robot
I am just a beginning
I have just begun to fix your wrongs for the better of all

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