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The Nemesis Program

This song is by A06 and appears on the album The Chronicles of A06 Volume I: The Dark Tower of Cypher Lecleur (2008).

Propped up on the table, wires in his head
His mind is cleared, his job is complete
The scientists in charge of his brain take a break
WHile he runs on auto-pilot to go back in the closet

But an accident makes it all go wrong
He dropped the glass, he dropped the glass, he missed the table
Short circuits, backfires, making the monster human

All taken back, the eyes stare at him
He looks back with eyes dark and confused
Slowly they inch closer to investigate
But they make the mistake of becoming a threat

And in an instant his eyes flash red
And the walls are painted a deep shade of blood

His mind is a rush of anger and he is out of control
His hands move without thought, dismembering with precise accuracy
Something like innocence is born in the machine
He's a design flaw, a screw up, a danger

He's calming down
He sees the blood on his hands
He breaks through the wall
And runs into the night

This is the first time I've opened up my eyes
And I don't understand this feeling
Innocence is born but the machine is still not a man
Robots weren't designed to feel

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