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The Death Of Emily Alice

This song is by A06 and appears on the album The Chronicles of A06 Volume I: The Dark Tower of Cypher Lecleur (2008).

What can I do to stop me?
Maybe you can make me whole
And fix the error in my brain
Connect the wires, make me sane
This newfound power I have come to
Doesn't suit me at all
And when I lose my mind
Oh the horrors that I find
I feel like a mistake who's wanting only to go back again
To before I knew anything
To before I was created
I want the darkness back

With your heart in my hands, I fall asleep
I'm a monster with an uncanny thirst

When I wake up, I find myself covered in blood
What kind of life is this that I am forced to live?
I never asked for any of this
I never asked for any of this
Oh god I'm alive and to what purpose?
All I ever did before
Was pre-determined and now I'm forced
To make my own decisions
My mind is like a child's, discovering the world
For the first time
But I want it to be the last time

Why was I created for this?
Oh God, I'm so sick of killing

I guess I'll take my own life
I guess I'll take my own life?
What am I taking? What kind of life is this?
I'm going to kill you

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