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Showdown At Pier 19

This song is by A06 and appears on the album The Chronicles Of A06 Volume I: The Dark Tower Of Cypher Lecleur (2008).

The mist settles low and silhouettes bathe in moonlight
We've been waiting for your arrival, little one
With blades outstretched beyond comprehension
They charge full speed ahead for our necks

Watch them so careful because though they're dead
They're never more alive than when battling the living

Respirators failing as his hook is unplugged
His eyes roll back and burst in his skull
Knock my sword to the ground and it stands like a tombstone
A mark in the ground to foretell your outcome

Watch as the puppets dance with such great form from string you could almost swear that they were real
And the blows fly as they cease to feel
As a fire lights up and envelops the fight inside it's flames
They watch the dead die and proceed to storm the gates
Never again will we look back on their bodies
Which was our mistake in the first place

Draw your blade and pistol, and fly above danger
Swinging outward at their dead heads we fight
The only way to win is decapitation
The only way to win is to kill everything

Come to rise, you evolved form of monster
The hunt is still on