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Into Shadow Forest

This song is by A06 and appears on the album The Chronicles of A06 Volume I: The Dark Tower of Cypher Lecleur (2008).

Across the floor where your body lies in cold sweat
I'll be the one to follow in your foot steps
Don't you worry about a thing from here on out
Transmission received over and out
A partnership will soon come to rise
In the forest through the pale moon light
And the ones who I was taught to kill before
The rebellion stopped for me to enter the door
Would you ever stop to think of me?
Would you imagine that I would hold your salvation
Making right of the wrongs I did in my past life time

I will hold back from doing what I'm programmed to
I will find a way to spare you
For the sins my master has bestowed on me
Together we can let the past go
With the sword he left you on his death bed
We'll find a way... to save what's left... of his memory

So go, tonight is going to be the night where I will begin your vengeance
And so, if you can here me now I'll burn your tower straight to the ground

Face up to the crimes that you have perpetrated
Don't play dumb because we all know why you're here
Young Trigen, don't make this mistake

Oh my God, my creator
Drop the blade upon my neck
I can not fight you
I can't ever win
Is this what you want?
To see me suffer?
My God is a cruel master
I will stay until the end
Oh, it's not over
It's not over yet
Through your flames, I'll hide in shadow
I will not die till you're six feet under
I will have revenge for my father
My people will get back their home.

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