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Fear And Loathing Atop The Dark Tower

This song is by A06 and appears on the album The Chronicles of A06 Volume I: The Dark Tower of Cypher Lecleur (2008).

Throw the paper to the floor
With this news of an outbreak
And a breach in the corporation
And I will strare at you with awe
Until you're plummeting 30 stories
To the streets below my tower

Race downstairs, down to the basement
Where it burns hotter than hell
And find the ones responsible
For this grievous mistake
I will not stand for this kind of error
And I'll throw you all into the fire
And call out to the corpses of the dead
And bring them to me to clean this unholy mess

How did I get so careless?
How could you run away from me
When did I get so sloppy
I'll fix this, I'll find you
You can't run away from me

I am not the kind of guy you mess with
I am not the one you want to anger

I am the creator
I am the source of fear, I call the shots
And make the monsters come to life

So have it your way
And run while you still can
Run while you have legs to run on
I'll have your head upon my wall
As a trophy to this conquest
I'll never be defied

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