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Life Goes On

This song is by A.Z.A..

Yeah It's lil DJ, DJ boes, young blunt and my homie seaclipse let's GO!

Young Blunt (Young Blunt)

I was in so many love relationships, They never last long (they never last long)
I need to get you off of my chest so I can become strong (become strong)
A strong guy like when I first started writeing some songs (some songs)
You broke my heart into pieces and I started crying all night long (YEA-YEA-YEA)

So then the next day I started to think... Maybe we should go our own ways Then I started
To think to my self... I might meet the right chick for me someday
Your saying that you're in love with me but your makeing it up like it's some play...
I use to have fun with you, We use to smoke, drink and eat sundays
I hate the way our lifes are going, G** DAMN IT, nothing will be the same
I hate the way that love is pain and when I wake up I don't hear you screaming my name
SO then I realize that I can take it all back, there's got to be some way
I'll do anything for you, as long as you got a smile up on your face
Why don't we go back to our relationship and you start to obey?
But you won't do anything for me, nothing will be great
But HEY were still on the same page, Whatever, I'll take you back in my past
If you don't know what happen with me and my realtionships then I'll replay:

Lil DJ (Lil DJ)

Life goes on girl we can't live our lifes like this (we can't live our lifes like this)
I mean something has got to happen I mean come on girl we both know it (know it)
We both know that we broke up, I mean we still get a-little credit (a-little credit)
For the stuff that has happen between me and you (HA-HA) _YEAH!

I know me and you have gone through a-little rough time after all these years girl (girl)
That's why we should go our own ways cause were in totally differen't worlds (worlds)
I'm just sitting here thinking about you but I don't wanna cause every time I do (do)
Then it feels like I'm gonna hurrel-

I just want our lifes to pass us by... I just fall in the bed crying with my head down asking the question, why? -
Why does it have to be like this? 'Cause we fight alot, it's just you & I
Fighting everynight, I close the door and your back inside
Your trying to get back with me and your doing that by telling lies
We fought so much and it hurts so bad, it feels like I wanna commit cuicide and die (cuicide and die)
It hurts from the heart and your leaveing me, just by saying bye
You made me cry almost everynight by cheating on me with this other guy- I mean
DAMN GIRL, if you don't believe me then I'll take you back in time (HU-HUH)

Seaclipse (Seaclipse)

Aye (whoof)

My life got busy, A n**** started makeing moves
In the industry saying boy you know you gotta show' Em proof
Gets your s*** crackin' (crackin') We can't do it for ya (for ya)
Makin' a name for your south so ppl know ya

So that's what I did I hit the block hard
Started selling c.d's up and down a bulivard (bulivard)
Came with the heat (heat) Respect in the streets (streets)
Now a n**** always spittin' flames on his beats

Plus wreckin all the shows, tearing up the stage (whoof)
Man it wasn't really enough to do it all day (all day)
Everything was good I couldn't complain
Became the F****** kang of the city where it rain

But there's just one problem, The time I was putting in
I delected to spend time with my girlfriend (yup)
And now I'd never get her back man she's gone
I miss my baby girl, Yeah I love her but like this song (LIFE GOES ON!)

YUP (WHOOF) Seaclipse, Lil' DJ, Young Blunt (SALT LAKE CITY) my n****s

Life goes on!

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