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This song is by A.W.A.S. and appears on the album Hope (2006).

(Lyrics: martin, music: martin, a.w.a.s.)

Every day you live in sin, every day without sense
Satan is your god, but soon he will rot
There is fear in your eyes, if you think of what's after death

Your intense hate, will bring you to hell
If you'll not change, your senseless life,
You'll suffer torment, in burning hell

The evil one, he lies to you
He doesn't tell you the truth
Satan tells so many lies
He has lost the paradise
The evil one will never rise
He will pay the price

But there is still hope for You,
'Cause god loves you, so much,
That he sent his only son,
Who died for you upon the cross.
He wants to set you free,
Jesus is the rescue for everyone,
You can be a child of god
And get eternal life.

Ugly Satan evil liar.
Useless power against Jesus my Messiah.
Your corps will rot. And vultures will drink your blood.
You will burn in eternal fire.
That is your end, Father of lies

Your corpse will rot
But God will still be God
And I'm saved by Jesus
Christ my messiah