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Window to Unknown

This song is by A.R.G. and appears on the album Entrance (1989).

In silence you hear those screams of hades
In darkness you see real light
None will know if they are going nowhere
You're like a drop in a stormy sea

Doctor gave no more soporifics
Overdose of life keeps you asleep
Your mother is a spy from outer space
You are the last child of son of sun

Look through the window
Your world of fairy tales breaks to pieces
They are calling you to their feast
Window is covered with frost
But you fear of having new sign of paranoia

Turn to beast and take my life of vanity
You are playing too long
Secret vices are hidden in the closet
They don't know that you masturbate

Doctrine of transmigration
Star war in forgotten space
Why I'm not God of Jesus
They want some who's wise

Man from neighbor is dead
He run straight to dirk
The ultimate entrance
Eternal termination

Man from neighbor is dead
Enormous hand took him away
On the other side there was none
Lunatic of vault screams "Dead by done"

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