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This song is by A.R.G. and appears on the album Entrance (1989).

Growing dark inside me
Suspense of existence
I'm looking for a shape to be
Thing in the mirror isn't real

Seek, lust of flesh
Greed, I found my bliss
Immortality, the Gods' gift
Hate, the child of God
Meat, warm and sweet
Scream, unconscious body
My destiny is bloody

The envoy in wisdom and power
He gave me the might of life
Strength to my bestial desire
Weak's sentence is to die
Moon is my holy commander
Voice inside my head
There's no divine forgiveness
My punishment is to eat their flesh

Return from the distant realm
Hands in blood and face in sweat
Locked in oppressions circle
Death and pain I only met
Nails and fangs, unreal delusion
I'm in labyrinth of magic sphere
Bursting brainwash to kill
His demands fulfilled by perforation

Men with their guns are behind
The night of solution will come
I'm doomed to misanthrophy
Or is that an ominous dream
Inner scream isn't silent
When the moon is round
I devote to my dying

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