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Misfortune Along My Side (RIP II)

This song is by A.R.G. and appears on the album One World Without the End (1991).

Pain, pain that feeds
The eagerness to survive
Trashing you like a seismic wave
Misfortune along my side
Disintegrate, your pains away
Separate, the real and fake
Seremony of all Hades
Cheering for your misery
Fucked up your ego, fading away
Crashing you like chin of glass
Invading your fenseless system
Breaking your everyday routine
Corrosion of your life
Here's too many people anyway
What's left, from the mission
Surrounds, boiling blood
Pain, overdose into your mind
Loyal to ruin your way
Locked trends vanished into pieces
Eyes looking without seeing
It's misfortune to stay