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Heathenism in Penitentiary

This song is by A.R.G. and appears on the album Entrance (1989).

Carnal delight, locked in eternal dark
Freedom of body, madness of death
No more trapped under dream of escape
This penitentiary didn't take my breath away

Seeing that mental massacre, my dreams
Took the soul of lunacy and run free
The way which I killed the torture of wait
Make my face reflecting like a bloodless paint

I'm no more object of this
I'm part of heathenism
My release is the dying wish
I'm part of meganism

Hundreds of men in common grave
Journey to abyss has reached the end
Sordidness of the Christian world
But with me they failed to do it all

Institution of destroyed lives
Drains the writhes of quilt
After my earthly pilgrimage
Now I'm part of this heathenism

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