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Wait Gain

This song is by A.L. Laureate and appears on the album Closed Eyed Insomnia (2011).

I awaken again trapped in a frivolous scheme
Indigenous to the dream of well being
You know the attention deficit the world reveals
How to lie how to kill the embodiment spreads with such skill
I'm patient my rhymes become distortioned in cadence
Tired of waiting I'm itching to relieve this craving I've been tasting
It's like junkies needin' a rock needin' a shot
Rappers stuck on making what's hot
Take a look and listen at everybody's hit list
Nonstop gluttony with the limits presented
How much time should I fall back
I had enough the time has come for my heat to dissolve rap
Days of waiting on deck are over
Shaking in sub-zero weather gettin' the cold shoulder
Unleashing arsenals of bombs you could keep
With words to show my craziness unleashed

The anger the pain
Where does it go to sustain
I try to fight back
The wait gains the more my time lapses
I won't change no I repeat I won't change
No good will ever stick to me
Every time its tried it runs away to be free

It took mad will and strength to write this verse
The mere thought of it breaks me down till it hurts
The time we spent together love was the language of choice
You and I one voice now our eyes become moist
A dehydrated soul regenerates in fear
Anger discontent I can't blame you I put it on me
Karma rubs in deep into my skin please hear my voice apologizing
I surely get mine for the rest of my life
I never crossed the line of respect it got dimmer
Fed up of my retention in depression
Waiting for change erupted arguments and hot tempers
Ill never forget you your imprinted in my heart
The end is the power of descent over the start
Back then to right now I want you to hear me now
I hope you find the happiness you talked to me about

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