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Late Night Drive

This song is by A.L. Laureate and appears on the album Closed Eyed Insomnia (2011).

It's been a long night the clock hits 12
Enterin the zone sidewinded walk to my car
Turn off the alarm my eyes swiveled around
Grabbed the door handle so I wouldn't fall down
Opened the door put the bottle in the cup holder
Still sober drunkenness it comes closer
I took a seat turned the key
Lit up a cigarrette then put the car in D
Got my black shades on wit hnic 2 echoing through the speakers
Driving around no precise place I got be in
The setting is great and I ain't trying to leave it
Traffic lights blink to the snares in the beat
Sounds of the night arouse the evilness within me
Blowin' smoke guzzling the liquor
Still I keep a eye on my rear view mirror
Back track to the beginning of the week
Everythings good its was a web of deceit
Reached to the passenger seat for a different CD
I got pain I need to be free
I take a huge hit off the cig hold it in
Chase it with the liq it's the vengefulness of sin
Wait all I've done is wait
Broke hard for too long I now accelerate
Melodic vibes blend in with closed eyes
Crooning off key to slow paced rnb
I speed up now I'm going 90
My eyes closing but adrenaline kept rising
Which reminds me of hate from my father
The loss of my lover
Couldn't place her over my mother
The car began shaking I paid no attention
Then it stopped sumthins wrong with the engine
Smoke entered the car at large rates
I reclined my seat back
Spaced out in the haze
The roof of the car became a watercolor painting
Found a shortcut in the labyrinth I was making
Signals up top started forming a scene
Swating smoke to define anything to see
As I looked halogen lights had me squinting
Then screeching tires awoke me to the crash id been in
My car totaled hoping it wasn't real
The windshield shattered debris covered my face
With no faith left judgments been detained
Ill burn another one down death is running late
I see the ambulance hear sirens coming closer
I feel faint heart is beating slower
Just as the emts went to pull me out of the wreckage
I blacked out in the middle of my sentence

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