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Black on Black Camaros

This song is by A.L. Laureate and appears on the album Closed Eyed Insomnia (2011).

I'm outta bed once again
Slip on my sneaks still asleep
Hoping its Friday but its only mid week
I reach for my keys and there it be
A black 1960 camaro the purest form of poetry
It reveals its prestige from the headlights down to the chassis
I break it down for a better understanding
I was basically born inside of this car
Look past the machinery tell me how this is steering me
Take the classic paint unblemished by the rain
The hardtop roof dodging heat from hells face
The engine packs more power more comfort
Speed limit breeze the car forever stays younger
The care and the work
Pushed to the point where it hurts
Miles add on the more it exerts
I know what its worth
But its priceless for words
Till the instance everything started going in reverse
My mind created obstacles with my driving
From primitive speaking to adulterated meanings
Beautiful to experience what I'm feeling now
Another car that inhales love and breathes out a smile
It's a different sentiment
The more that I approach it the more I feel like gettin' in
Its kind hard to comprehend take a listen ill explain
How my days in this world would never be the same
Captivated the day I laid eyes on it
A black 91 camaro had me talkin' ebonics
Curiosity overtook my shyness
Its convertible top had me speeding through life without a license
No need to rewrite this the roar of the exhaust had me smitten
Locked to the wheel together every instant
Rev up the engine protection came sittin' inside
Not the joyride I fell in love I was given the time
Flirted with the gas pedal for a bit
The action and excitement lead to other incentives
Resisted agitation with speed
I perceived the car had me feelin' like I was driving christine
What did all of this mean
A real dream I created
Or a nightmare with the other camaro sedated
Anger from one another it saddens me to uncover
The animosity dwelling with my mother and my lover
Tires screech creating burnouts from both sides
Its ever so silent but it's a massacre in my mind
Two women who exercised love since it struck
They look at me now like you must choose between us
In the center of a demolition already in progress
Praying to the lord to please stop this process
I drop to my knees with tears on my cheeks
They crash into my heart it scatters on the street

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