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Some People Call It Love

This song is by A.J. Croce and appears on the album That's Me In The Bar (1995).

We stood in line 'til closing time
Over drank to a Thomas line
You bit your lip I held my tongue
How can I be getting older when I feel so young
Stand to the right I'm coming through
I got no place to go but plenty to do
I got a mouthful of words that I can hardly speak
I'm at the bottom of a valley and I reached my peak
Some people call it love
But it's no excuse for the way that I've behaved
Gratification immediately
There's plenty to want if you know what I mean
But if I only had my way
I wouldn't have to wait around one more day
They say that looking is half the fun
But you know it's not when you found the one
When you found the one that you love and adore
How could you be happy with any more