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This song is by A.J. Croce and appears on the album Cantos (2006).

You see the world expanding when you're younger
I don't see that now
As you age you start to feel a hunger
It tries to bring you down
Love and greed the things you need or wanted
It's hard to figure out
Until it's clear your teased or haunted
Without a doubt

When it's all right I don't want to say
When it's all night I just want to stay
When it's all fun I just want to play
I just want to play the game

Sometimes the sun and moon just seem to anchor
The planets all align
You feel the sense of harmony you're thankful
Everything is fine
Nothing ever stays the way you want it
Everybody knows
Death will come to even those who taunt it
Everybody goes

I know that time will pass me by
While sitting still I watch it fly
That's why I always try and make
It worth each breath I take

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