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Nobody Else

This song is by A.J. Croce and appears on the album Fit To Serve (1998).

Sleepy sleepy
She couldn't sleep a wink
So thirsty
She didn't take a drink
She was on the wagon
But I don't think
That anybody else
Could have done any better
Fire fire
She couldn't find a flame
So tired
Of shoveling the blame
She was never
Gonna feel the same
Andy nobody else
Could have done it any better
I know
She was under pressure
I know
She was broken down
I know
That she tried to make the measure
While she held her breath
So she wouldn't drown
Cry cry
But she couldn't find a tear
So dry
She'd forgotten how to feel
She was sober as a cop
Behind the wheel
And nobody else
Could have done it any better
Than she did

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