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Night Out On The Town

This song is by A.J. Croce and appears on the album That's Me In The Bar (1995).

The karaoke singer, well she couldn't sing in tune
But I didn't mind hearing that song
And the barmaid she had Terets
And swore like the devil, but I didn't hear nothing wrong
Then the man at the bar, he shouted out my name
And I knew it was his drink I'd be buying
But it didn't really bother me
'Cause the story he'd been telling
And everybody knew he was lying
It's a night out on the town
Once you're lost you can't be found
And I'll know much better
When the next drink is down
Say goodnight, Gracie
Don't want to beat the night to day
Well it's been fun
But I just can't stay
Can't quite call it living
But I'd have it no other way
'Cause it's not all black and white
There's plenty of gray
Just another smoke filled room
Just another bad perfume
And it's smelling like a Saturday night
Just another wait a minute
Just another I'll go get it
The last call rings and everybody sings
The pick-up lines are useless
'Cause we had too much to drink
All they do is make us laugh
'Cause we're all too drunk to think
The beauty in the high heeled shoes
Is laughing in your face
But the whiskey's left you speechless
And that's it's saving grace

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