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It's Only Me (Oh Ya-Ya)

This song is by A.J. Croce and appears on the album Transit (2000).

It's Only Me (Oh Ya-Ya)
Like clockwork the crack of dawn
The waking sun like no alarm
Has charmed awake the sleeping mass
With no regard for brooms or brass
The cradle rocks the equinox
Keys are owned but not the locks
Mountains bled the earth it shook
Oceans boiled the sea it looked
Armageddon came and went
A little late but heaven sent
And all of this that I can see
Is mine alone so let me be
The sky was blackened out with ash
What once held value now is trash
A howling wind of bitter frost
Will find no foe and so is lost
Bells will toll as silence shouts
To prove the point that no one doubts
I was a prisoner until the earth started shaken
Warden set me free but he was taken
Thought it was a joke but there's no faking
Thank the Lord I was forsaking
8 am 1902/ That's the day the mountain blew
No living soul could take the heat
But I alone and so repeat

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