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Fit to Serve

This song is by A.J. Croce and appears on the album Fit To Serve (1998).

You were my life but you went away
But that ain't all there is to say
I'm sure that time will ease the pain
I've said it time and time again
If there was someone I could find
Then she would take you off my mind
But there is no one I have found
My heart to you is tied and bound
So if you love me won't you take me back
It'll be different I promise that
'Cause I'm a better man fit to serve
I'll give you all the loving that you deserve
Last night you called me on the phone
You said that you were still alone
And then it seems I lost my pride
I begged and pleaded even cried
You said you missed me awful bad
You said you messed the love we had
You said you'd give me one more chance
If I could give you more romance

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