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This song is by A.J. Croce and appears on the album Transit (2000).

Can't sleep the world is on my shoulder
Head spinning and it won't slow down
Nothing I can do about getting older
Keep treading on the same old ground
I know is it any wonder
It don't matter rain or thunder
Clear skies down the road
And everyman carries a heavy load
Head down sitting a bar stool
Last call the waitress chimes
Come to and I'm feeling like a damn fool
Somehow I lost track of time
Sunshine banging on the window
Only makes me want to pull the blinds
Sometimes it's like tripping into limbo
The good life ain't always kind
I try and take it from a different point of view
And put it in a different light
And after I have done all that I can do
It'll take a prayer just to make it right
Sunshine open up the window
Grey skies seem far away
Right now the only thing that I know
I sure hope it's gonna stay this way

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