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Count the Ways

This song is by A.J. Croce and appears on the album Fit To Serve (1998).

He says I love you with the speed of light
He won't get to hold her tight
It's such a valiant try
He'll have to learn to say goodbye
Did she hear what he just said
I thought I say her turning red
I think the blush was only hype
'Cause I can see he's not her type
But she lives for his attention
And for her love he prays
He says he loves her too much to mention
She said count the ways
One 'cause you're good to hold
Two for your heart of gold
Three don't you see the way I feel
Four for the perfect time
Five for you will be mine
Six can't you see my love is real
The pendulum swung
The jury's hung
The verdict's out of sight
But he don't care about judgment
He's just trying to be polite
And so she's waiting by Al Bell's inventions
Thinking of his good intentions
If he called her on the phone
She wouldn't have to be alone
As she wanders off to sleep
The telephone rings
The codaphone beeps
She says leave your number at the tone
I'll call you back when I get home

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