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Checkin' In

This song is by A.J. Croce and appears on the album That's Me In The Bar (1995).

She was a ravishing example
Though suffering from ample self-esteem
And caring less than no one
Of what I said or what I meant to mean
Oh it's a shame
That she's the same as all the rest
She wears her heart upon her sleeve
Just like a fallen monarch's crest
She'd never compromise
Or fall for any less than second best
Today's rose is tomorrow's thistle
Today's melody is tomorrow's whistle
I was driving in my car
When I happened by the bar
Just to see if you could still remember
Anything at all
Apologies aren't necessary
You can tell me anything at all
Just checking in from time to time
I'd rather see you face to face than have to call

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