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Callin' Home

This song is by A.J. Croce and appears on the album That's Me In The Bar (1995).

Well in a call to home this morning
That was answered with a warning
You said that I had better be there soon
Well I've been driving night and day
And suffice it just to say
I'll be arriving by the setting of the moon
Well I miss you all to death
And with every waking breath
I'll be thinking of you sitting next to me
On the weathered roads a turnin'
Under tires that are burnin'
You're a sight that I just cannot wait to see
Well I'm calling home
I want to reach my baby on the line
Well I'm calling home
I'm making sure that everything is fine
The food along the way has been mostly brown and gray
And it seems to fit the landscape oh so well
If I hadn't heard your voice I'd be sure I'd made the choice
This ain't heaven this ain't limbo
This is hell
In the months we've been apart it has all but broke my heart
And I cannot wait to see your pretty face
In a couple hours more I'll be knockin' at the door
And I'll greet you with a warm embrace

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