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​Enter The Center

This song is by A.D.O.R. and appears on the album Classic Bangerz, Vol. 1 (2003).

Man Pete Rock
Pure celebration, for all this generation
Ha... worldwide
It gets hot baby, representing, metropolis

(Verse One)
Hear the nine pound, the dog on a new sound
I'm here to set it off, no fear to break it down
Feel my world for all stakes that we claim
Blaze the slow burn, for the essence in the game
The +Tru Reign+, some fell upon the one
Wanna BOOM BAP, I bring style by the ton
No pain, no fun, let's creep out the mess
Enter my center where the tormentors rest
Blessed by thy blessings, to learn a hard lesson
Protected by the thugs with the large Smith and Wessons
Got the bombs undressed (woo!)
Even the low profile to keep the snakes out guessin
Impressin, with the raw skills my God gave me
Goin' all out son cause nobody can save me
Crashed the crossroad, so I just flow on
Comin' all out, here's somethin' we can grow on

C'MON! Ah, into the center of the haze
Where the style rocks hot, let's get it on the only way
(It's hot baby) C'MON! Into the center of the haze
Where the style rocks hot, let's get it on the only way

(Verse Two)
Feel on the rapture, let the haze catch ya
The props, the love and the gains is what I'm after
The raptor, beatin' down rappers runnin' wild
See the fullness, feel the pure Mecca child
The profile to fiend rocks on again
It's all hot here so go tell your friend
So he can tell his man and they won't pretend
Cause the burn so real that they all attend
My MC show, they break the front do'
Got the lime Alize for the Player's Club
Guaranteein all wins like Broadway Joe
And if you ain't heard, act like you know
That the, beast from the East is comin' for his piece of pie
I'm in that freak mode, son it's time to do or die
See you know why, the dope got your mind high
You gotta stay fly once you come up out the get by

(Verse Three)
So as you, analyze me, I paralyze you
So what'chu gonna do when the one man wreckin crew
Steps up, I'm +Energizing+, +Everready+
I rock the beat hard, got a blast for the petty
If you're ready though, you can come and enter the stage
And feel the raw wrath, and the pleasures of the rage
The rampage, my people, will not be televised
Front if you want kid, we're always recognized
I, up and rise, my movement's generation
The penetration, soul sensation
On to live, that life divine
Yo I pass to my people or sip the wine
Cause, time is short, this style gets hard
Representin to the grave, rough rugged and scarred
Worldwide! ... Worldwide! So everybody

(Chorus repeat to fade)