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Hell's Most Wanted

This song is by A.B.G..

(B.L. Talkin')
We hell's most wanted
Ah, hell's most wanted
We hell's most wanted nigga
Ah, yeah

My nigga we hittin the block and we comin' hard
The most incredible, untouchable soldiers we mob
We just ain't no ordinary niggaz, we keep it real
While y'all hatin' and phony niggaz y'all know the deal
We Hell's Most Wanted and we crazy from this 2 5 3
We ABG and from the block of 38th street
Devil you better run and hide 'cause we comin' at cha
Your heart is beatin' out your chest 'cause we bouts ta blast ya
No matta what happens my niggaz we gon keeps it crackin'
We puttin' it down from west to east y'all know what's happen
We rollin' through your hoods wit 64s and cadallacs
We hittin switches on chrome and gold nigga top that
This desert eagle gots bullets now wit your name on em
Me and my homies we keeps it gangsta don't bang on us
This show ain't over, my enemies y'all bout to be deceased
Can't even rest in peace cause in your dreams you seein me
Callin my troops its time for battle what's your war cry
Better grab your flags and throw your JCs high up in the sky
'Cause I'm a rider for mine niggaz I can't be faded
You step to me you get no respect and I know you hate it
I be that nigga wit corn rolls straight to the back
My khakis creased, and my chucks is laced, and my pockets fat
They call B I G L O double T, nigga what
I can't be faded or penatrated so what's up
Because I'm Hell's Most Wanted

Because we Hell's Most Wanted can't be faded or penatrated
Deep down and all around's most playa hated

Step out the game now a nigga sees clearly
Put my message in so all the homies can hear me
He kills me, impossible the devil tried to take me out a long time ago
But I'm still here screamin out NO FEAR
Over the years I've seen my homies droppin' 64s
And catch a case, smoke dope niggaz floss those
But that ain't how its supposed to be, listen to me
I'm here to open up your eyes so that you can see
That you will need to change you ways, your face is numb
But take it from me, your homies ain't havin' this misery, what's happenin'
I'm here to hook you up wit the One who got's the keys to your destiny
That's why we's Hell's Most Wanted can't be faded or penatrated
Deep down and all around's most playa hated
That's why we's Hell's Most Wanted can't be faded or penatrated
Deep down and all around's most playa hated

It's Big Chris in the drop top cut, we lightin 'em up, and leavin' 'em stuck,
These peeps keeps crackin' we backin 'em up, say what
We demon hatin' and chrome plated can't be faded
We gangstas up on these streets, corn rolls and freshly braided
Can't stop me see, we Adopted By Grace we can't be beat
We 5 deep, born and raised in the THC
Don't tempt me devil, 'cause I'll end up pullin the trigga
You think you're bigga, till you're layin down lookin' up at me nigga
Whay you think they calls us Hell's Most Wanted
We hand selected, and respected and we stayin up on it
Now hear my chant as we totin, We some warriors some warriors
Some Westside Ridin', demon destroyers, call your lawyer
Tell the judge he better study the law
'Cause we he sees he'll be burnin he won't believe what he saw
It's extra-ordinary some might say it's a little scary
Wit that spiritual lyrical gun, extended barrel Dirty Harry
Leave them demons buried, 6 feet deep in concrete
Never run from a challenge, stand tall on both feet
We trained to take heat, so keep dishin it out
You makin' us count to 66 ways of takin' you out
Don't run your mouth, you lookin' at the realas of realas
We makin' ya feelas, some Hell's Most Wanted straight demon killas
Because we's

Why y'all do this stuff for fun, we Hell's Most Wanted
Sanctafied, pycho active 5 brothers straight perscuted
Hit 'em up, the devil run up in this spiritual 1st degree murderin
Spiritual decappatatin, we ride on the enemy
Savin' more souls, cause that's our mission
Watch us do it to be the hardest in town still we undisputed
A demon killa is what I be, a rider for G O D
Christcyde on mine, and only God can judge me
That's why I ride wit a mean mug
Forget indimidation, grab our guns let's get 'em up
I know y'all sayin' is these brothers really Gospel
But we wrestle not against the flesh and blood, the spiritual
I'm sick and tired of the devil punkin people down
God already won the fight, a KO in the first round
Ah, and when we ride, do we can't be touched
Its way to much keepin' it Gangsta for Christ, we hit 'em up

(Devil speakin')
And can't see how 5 mortals
Can cause such choas to my kingdom

(Demon speakin')
What 5 mortals are these?

(Devil speakin')
Ah, you simpleton
The same 5 mortals
That have been breakin generational curses
Changes lives of others
And takin' violence out of the hood

Comin' back wit my infaltry
I keep it gangsta as I rollin' wit my family
Mobbin through your hood, as some soldiers nigga we 5 deep
I see a demon the keeper tryin' to kill me
Ah, I hit my knees 'cause I'm dedicated
I'm puttin' demons in bodies bag wit my nickel plated
Hell's Most Wanted, comin' at get it but you can't kill me
I'm bringin' the message, the most hated soldiers we packed wit heat
I got an itchy trigga finger best to run fast
Only the strong survives how long will this busta last
I got a weapon to your dome, you better think quick
Spiritual assian pull the trigga, and then your wig is split
Yeah Ima Christian, but Ima gangsta to
I represent that true killa, nigga I thought you knew
I hit the block straight dealin' wit my chest out
I'm leavin' holes in their gut when demons run they mouths
Hell's Most Haded can't be faded but you can't see me
You can talk till I die, but you can't kill me

(Demon speakin')
Those 5 mortals, ah

(Devil speakin')
I've tried everything to destroy them
From drive by's to gangs to drugs and alcohol
I even killed some of their homies
And put some in jail
Yet they won't break
Who are they?

(God speaking)
They're adopted by me
I am that I a

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