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American Hearts (2007)Edit

A.A. Bondy - American Hearts
American Hearts
  1. How Will You Meet Your End
  2. There's a Reason
  3. Black Rain, Black Rain
  4. Rapture (Sweet Rapture)
  5. American Hearts
  6. No Man Shall
  7. World Without End
  8. Lover's Waltz
  9. Vice Rag
  10. Killed Myself When I Way Young
  11. Witness Blues
  12. Of the Sea

When The Devil's Loose (2009)Edit

A.A. Bondy - When The Devil's Loose
When The Devil's Loose
  1. Mightiest Of Guns
  2. A Slow Parade
  3. When The Devil's Loose
  4. To The Morning
  5. Oh The Vampyre
  6. I Can See The Pines Are Dancing
  7. False River
  8. On The Moon
  9. The Mercy Wheel
  10. The Coal Hits The Fire

Believers (2011)Edit

  1. The Heart is Willing
  2. Down in the Fire (Lost Sea)
  3. Skull & Bones
  4. 123 Dupuy Street
  5. Surfer King
  6. Hiway/Fevers
  7. Drmz
  8. The Twist
  9. Rte. 28/Believers
  10. Scenes from a Circus

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