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Time To Heal

This song is by A-Ko.

Wasted so much time.
Playing your mind games.
Building me up to smash me down.
Now something inside has changed.
Claiming back what's mine.
Is something I need to do.
My scars will heal in time.
Now I'm immune to you.

Need some time - time to change - time to heal - time to forget the pain.
How could I be so wrong - I was scarred for way to long.
Now I'm immune to pain - and I won't be hurt again.
I've had some time to heal - and can't believe how strong I feel.
Discarded love and pain - so I won't be hurt again.

Somewhere deep in my mind.
A faint memory or glimpse of you.
That passes through sometimes.
With all the shit you put me through.
But now I find - I'm not effected by love nor pain.
Something inside has died.
And I'm changed I'm not the same.

WHAT - THE - FUCK - were you trying to do.
By hurting me did things get better for you?

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