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So Decieved

This song is by A-Ko.

What I'm seeing I just can't believe.
I lost another (so called) true friend I feel so deceived.
This hateful person doesn't seem like you.
What did I do is it something I said still I way the facts out in my head.
Such disbelief that I don't know what to do.
Why can't - you see - I was a friend!
You point the blame on me.
Blinded by anger so you don't see.
The fucked up picture you've portrayed.
Has killed a friendship that can't be saved.
I can't believe what I'm seeing.
Just open up and you might stop blaming me.
I can't believe what I'm feeling.
I feel so deceived and nothings changing.
So look inside I'm sure you'll see.
You brought this on yourself.
But still you're blaming me.
A - TIME - WILL - COME - you will realize what you've done.
A - TIME - WILL - COME - to realize.

Hate full person...

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