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No Love

This song is by A-Ko.

I've never been to sure about anything in my life - but I guess I'm sure of this.
I've finally made up my mind about everything.
There are people who have come and gone and they've all hurt me.
So now I'm gona fuck them - like they fucked me.
I never ate.
I never slept.
Unless you were here with me - and that's not how its meant to be.
What would you do!
If I took a knife in my hand and stuck it in me - you would just sit and watch me bleed.
I'm taking time to release all my fears - let them all run out - don't want to waste no more tears.
Soon I'll be fine, living life with no more pain - never being hurt - never fall in love again.
So this is it.
No more shit.
No one can get to me - and that is how it's gonna be.
It feels real good!
Not to feel anything -that is what I want for me- without your love I can be happy.
Do you understand what I'm trying to say?
Without love everyone can be OK
I've been hurt so many times I think that it's too late.
Why bother loving - it's too easy to hate.
There is no need to fall in love.
There is no need to fall apart.

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