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Just Be Strong

This song is by A-Ko.

I've tried and I've failed so I just turned away.
Another friendship has disappeared and I'm left with nothing to say.
Another day with no guiding light another section of my life.
Just growing old and fading fast I can't face another sleepless night.
Does it ever feel like you don't belong anywhere.
Does it ever feel like no one else around you understands or cares.
Is it getting to the point where you just can't carry on.
Then hold your head up high don't throw it all away
Just be strong!
Sure there was times when I fell down and felt I'd been beaten like shit into the ground.
Thanks to the help of a true friend I swear I'll never fall down again.
So I bounced back and yeah I changed my scars are gone there's no more pain.
Its thanks to you I feel so strong so fuckin' evil that the pains all gone.
But sometimes it gets so hard to breathe.
I'm suffocated and I just can't see.
And I wish I could be taken away to a place where everything could be OK.
So does it feel like you don't belong nowhere.
And does it feel like no one around you UNDERSTANDS OR FUCKIN' CARES!

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