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​Report Card Day

This song is by 8 Over Par.

Well the report card it came to me
It said, return address Lenape Valley
I said "oh no this can't be happening now"
So I opened it up and I said "Oh Shit"
Then my mom walked in and she said "What's this"
Well mom I didn't do so good
Well your damn right you did pretty bad, she said
I know do ya think I'm glad
No I don't, but I'm pissed off
Just wait till your father gets home
Now get you ass to your room
Then dad busted in and said
These couple of words...

Hey young man
What's going on
Well, well dad I had a little problem
Well get your ass in line of else
I will...

On report card day
You don't have to say
That you gave it your all
Cause that how life is
Your never good enough till you watch it fall
Well report cards they come and go
And you never know
Well report cards they come and go
Yeah you never know...