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Ur Moms My Bitches Girl

This song is by Unknown Artist.

U can't toch wut you can't see
U better be in tree before you see me
Next time you here you better be ready before
Ur shit gets heavy wuts ur reall name
Man I bet its betty
U stupid fag you wannaa be a lady
'Cause you definitely ain't no fuck shady
I'm cherry and I'm be blacker dan most blacks
Even do I'm whiter dan most dikes
U pass me the mic and ill shouw you where the level a skills like
Checkin' to see if you can speak
Then you slip in and have to peak
At me win I'm pissin
U better listen
If you peak when I leak
U better invest in somethin' to protect you rhead and chest
Yo I'm outta here
So you better be ready if you want me to hear

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