8 Mile:Broke Is Not Fun Lyrics

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Broke Is Not Fun

This song is by Unknown Artist.

I be talkin this shit like im gonna change the rap game
But these motherfuckers don't even know my name
Everyone may think my shit all sounds the same
But forreal if u been through some of the shit I've been through
U would act, walk, talk, and think the same way I do
U gotta understand that im tired of having a lack of funds
Reaching down into my pockets and pullin out a wad of ones
This world gets more matierialistic with every day
And all u hang on every word that I say, so y would I play
Im not here to fancy yal out and impress a town
I don't need to worry about that
I got bigger things to worry about now
All im lookin for in this world is a change
To make me feel better im tired of hustlin and bustlin
And strugglin all that shit is getting old and making me cold