8 Mile:B-Rabbit Vs. Diffusion Lyrics

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B-Rabbit Vs. Diffusion

This song is by Unknown Artist.


Yo, B-rabbit
This silly rabbit don't like leathers I heard he like dicks
Fagget niggaz, with ponytails and lipstick
I'm for real, don't give a fuck, what, what, oh
Its like this, eastside is where I'm from, you got beef
Hit me on the streets with a badge and a gun
Fuck the badge, I'm comin through with a black mask
About to do this b-rabbit nigga cause he a fag, like I said
Earlier in the clause, I stated that in my, oh shit (laughter)


Aight look, I can see that I'm put to the test,
Battlin this chick, with no breasts
And why I got to battle a chick, especially one thats wack, wit a dick
So you a dope MC, don't get mad and start takin your period out on me
Cause I ain't done shit to you, whats your name diffusion,
Well I guess I gotta confuse you, this ain't something I'm use to,
Why the fuck did future even introduce you
I really don't understand why this chick is up here right now,
And wants to be a man
On this mic is rat-a-tat-tat, why the fuck am I standing here battlin the brat
You don't really even wanna see this, on this microphone I wont eat your fuckin fetus