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Hatred Forever

This song is by 8 Foot Sativa and appears on the album Season For Assault (2004).

Impossible for man
To live peacefully
In every era
Brutal wars are there to see


Religion the reason
For most who fight
Everyone hates someone
They kill they think they're right


No way around this fate
We know whats to come
World peace remains extinct
Revival is long gone

No hope

Of living without threat
Of fearless lives
Of a world without anger
The future is confined

Anger is forever
Hatred is human

Deal with it
All civilization was built from hate
Can't live together
Accepting all
Kill if you disagree
The enemy must fall

We're just another times
Murder persists
One thing to count on
We know will always exist


Will be be here forever
It's mankinds way
Fury is an emotion
That is here to stay


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