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Hate Made Me

This song is by 8 Foot Sativa and appears on the album Hate Made Me (2002).

You're gripping my hand, not letting go of it
Why don't you leave me alone
To bleed to death, I'm nothing but trouble
Can't you understand that
My decision is made, no one's controlling it
The fear of life, it's fucking worth dying
Even though it's all in the head
I keep on wishing I was just dead

Pain is real
Misery, I feel
Hate made me
I cannot break free

This is my life in vain
All these lives I've changed
Rising above my loss
Leaving the things I've crossed

My decision is made, you can't betray me
It's not worth living with things I've seen
I know you're trying to keep me sane
But the only thing - I'm going insane

Never mind what's on my mind
I've been keeping it in far too long
Even though my life is a waste
There's lots of things I'm yet to taste

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