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Hate Made Me (2002)Edit

8 Foot Sativa - Hate Made Me
Hate Made Me
  1. Before Your Suffering
  2. Hate Made Me
  3. Fuel Set
  4. Cocktease
  5. Believer
  6. It's All So Real
  7. Grown Aggression
  8. Stolen Life
  9. Kick It All Away
  10. 8 Foot Sativa
  11. Engine
  12. Invention 13

Season For Assault (2004)Edit

8 Foot Sativa - Season For Assault
Season For Assault
  1. What's Lost Is Tomorrow
  2. Escape From Reality
  3. For Religions To Suffer
  4. Destined To Be Dead
  5. Hatred Forever
  6. Season For Assault
  7. Chelsea Smile
  8. The Abused
  9. Disorder
  10. Gutless

Breed The Pain (2005)Edit

8 Foot Sativa - Breed The Pain
Breed The Pain
  1. Perpetual Torment
  2. Breed The Pain
  3. I Live My Death
  4. Mentally Castrated
  5. Altar Of Obscenity
  6. Human Abattoir
  7. Brutal Revenge
  8. The Punishment Within
  9. Genetic Treason

Poison Of Ages (2007)Edit

8 Foot Sativa - Poison Of Ages
Poison Of Ages
  1. Emancipate
  2. Thumbs, Eye-Sockets, Love
  3. We, The Termites
  4. Exeunt
  5. Crosses For Eyes
  6. Pirates & Capitalists
  7. The Great Western Cliff-Hanger
  8. For The Birds
  9. Napalm Existence

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