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This song is by 8 Days And Waiting.

Nothing I will ever say will look like truth to you
Because standing in your eyes I will never be quite good,
Enough to meet your standards, always alone I'll stand
Against this empty phone booth that's ringing in my head.

I have waited for so long for you to place this call just to tell me this was worth it
Here's a quarter for your time.
I am yearning for the day when I will make a stand and be strong
But all these little years I've wasted the phone has never rung.

Standing on your pedestal you toss a look at me
Barely worth your recognition I think I finally see
That anything's too much to ask, always alone I'll stand
Against this empty phone book that was ringing in your hand


Walking down this yellow road,
I wonder if that ringing phone
Is still hanging by the wire
Since the day I cut the line.


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