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Won't Stay Late

This song is by 88 Fingers Louie and appears on the compilation album 88 Fingers Up Your Ass (1997).

I'm sick of working the same job every day
It's really getting on my nerves
My boss is fat and he don't know how to work
I hope he gets what he deserves

No, I won't stay late
I'm sick of sweating while you masturbate
Let's get one thing straight
You may not like it but I won't stay late

I'm treated like a slave and laughed at all day long
My job has never been that fun
Sometimes they even let me go on a break
I only wish I had a gun

And I won't stay late
I won't stay late
Won't stay late, go!

Patience is wearing extremely thin again
I've tried but I can't seem to cope
My boss has cut my paycheck some more
I think I'll kill the stupid dope

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