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This song is by 800 Octane.

Well my girlfriend says she can't see me again
'Cause in the time I've been gone she's made all new plans
So we talk on the phone for an hour or two
Said final goodbyes and I love you's
And now I don't feel like going home for the holidays

Baby let me look at you
It must have been a year or two
Since the last day I saw you
Time's been on your side

What ever happened to this town?
The place I grew up in seems so run down
Mom, I'm coming home
If I stay here I'll spin the wheels home

Hey, it's the holidays
Do it one last time if that's alright

My friend Chris got caught in the machine
He never had the time to realize his dreams
And Susan put a bullet in her own brain
I always knew her father was the one to blame

I don't feel like going home for the holidays

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