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​Collapse of Empires

This song is by 80,000 Dead and appears on the EP St. Mary's Virus (2007).

Was every thought a sin, or just a fallacy, with everyone just fighting for life?
You tear my life in two, you tear my life in two
My life, for which I fight now, My soul, for which I fight now
I will not, bow to your will
A follower no more, your kingdom will fall before your eyes
As you fall, your kingdom rots, before your eyes, and crumbles
Thy tormentor, the time has come, to burn
Across a barren wasteland, you turned your back on all
This place, has become, desolate In the name of your greed
This is a fucking revolution
This is a call to vengeance
You crawl away from everything you made us stand for
Now your kingdom lies in pieces
We've torn apart this empire, across your grave
This collapse of empire, is imminent
This is a fucking revolution
This is a call for vengeance
You crawl away from all you've made us stand for
Everyday, you're dragged into a dark oblivion