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​Shout with a Fist

This song is by 7th Son and appears on the demo 7th Son (2006).

Waves of horns on a sea of fists
Came to rock not to slit these wrists
Break-neck and ready to roll
Lock, load, LOSE CONTROL!
Wreck and rage let the slaughter crash
Storm the stage like the waters thrash
Let loose and forever freed
Sing with me and together bleed

Of! One! Of one blood!

We! We are! Of one blood

Rock and sway like the ebb and flow
Let the current carry me low
Let me drown in the sound I know
Within the chant I can't grow old
Every arm in the air my own
Every face in the pit my home
Cross me once, burn you back ten-fold
Never find this motherfucker bought or sold

Of! One! Of one blood!
We! We are! Of one blood!
Of... One... Blood!
We... We are... We are one blood!

They try to hold us down
Afraid to hear our sound
There is no fear found
In the fist that pounds

Don't even need a word
Scream our voices heard
Five fingered messenger
Now let me hear you...

Shout with a fist!


Chris/Mike-3:00 to 3:22