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This song is by 7 Zuma 7 and appears on the album Deep Inside (1999).

A movie shined like a beacon to a dog-forgotten man,
Overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the city - yeah
Heart-ache and head-ache, he's forced to endure
The story of a victimized girl,
More than a classic beauty was his hell on wheels,
Headed San Fernando Valley

She wants to die so I cried
She's a sexy queen

Sunset Strip - Rainbow club, this is our town little honey
This is the life I lead, I live at night,
At daytime I'm using my body
American made and built to get laid
Better stop it while you can
You are a fantasy - a fantasy is the one you want to be

You sexy queen

You sexy queen - yeah
My girl called Savannah

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