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Treasure of the Elder - How Balmung Was Achieved

This song is by 7 Seals and appears on the album Moribund - Every Kingdom Has to Pass (2008).

All the years went by, so glad to be home
As a lad I left, as a man I cease to roam

I see you safe and sound
My son, henceforth you're a knight, now kneel down

Fire and the blaze, from the dragonstone I come
I shall be the heir, I gain the name of knight
Raging years are lost, I'm in my prime, my youth has gone
Long for adventure, even if I die

Forests so dark and deep, places I've never been
You can see mist pounding in the trees
Forests of ancient myth, where wondrous creatures live
A castle ahead in the land of the dead

In the gleam of red torches burning
Dwarves and giants leaving the black mouth of the mount
With them comes to light, what has been forgotten
My eyes felt compelled to watch on and on

Shiny armour, blades with precious stones, silver vessels and
The chests with priceless dresses
Crystal dishes, bags filled with rings, bracelets, brooches
The shields with their decoration

Let me tell you the daring tale of
The treasure of the elder
I became king of the Nibelung
Such an ease with Balmung's help
An ease with Balmung's help...

"Balmung, forged in chthonic fires and able to carve through steel and
Stone and dragon's scale, was pledged to Sifrit. Even Albrich, obscured
Through the cloak of invisibility, could not stop him. So the dwarf
Surrender and bowed to the recent king of the Nibelung. To Wormez
He rode with twelve valiants at his side"

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