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The Fierce King of the Huns - Twelve Realms Bestowed

This song is by 7 Seals and appears on the album Moribund - Every Kingdom Has to Pass (2008).

See them, from the east they ride, warriors pale as clay
What do they want at our court?

My king, in mourning he lies, oh his queen has died
Would she wear the crown of our lord?

With twelve knights I have arrived
And I offer her twelve realms

No one may deny my misgiving
She'll wreak vengeance on us
She will gain her might
Remember, revenge comes over us
As long as blood runs through her veins
Remember, revenge comes over us
Until the day she fades away

My queen, oh naught shall ever part us, save death alone
Never she forgets, never she forgives
Weeping, of beauty and strength she is bereft
So she'll wed the fierce king of the Huns

"Sole she stood that night and hearkened. Everything seemed foreign
And sinister. In this unknown realm the stars seemed even more numerous
And the moon gleamed blue and cold. From that day on she turned
Imperceptible from the Burgundian princess, the queen of the Netherlands,
To the mistress of the colossal realm of the Huns. Now she was made
Powerful and could strike against the enemies of Sifrit, for whom her
Heart still called."

Though no forgiveness 'rose these years, she wants to see me
Curse us, our downfall has begun
Woe betide those, who mean harm, mischief against us all
When all is said and done!

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