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Moribund - Every Kingdom Has to Pass

This song is by 7 Seals and appears on the album Moribund - Every Kingdom Has to Pass (2008).

Hagen: Soon the day of reckoning
Will hunt us down, I know well
Gunther: Burn your sorrow, don't be sad
So now I bid you farewell
Hagen: We commence our last campaign
The Burgundy will lose their head
Hear the fiddles sing, they play
The dance of the dead

Dead and gone, in the end all brave men
Will die in battle, never be home again

Every drop of my own blood knows the truth
Every breath that's left for me, I don't regret
Our fate will take its course, give them hell!
Every kingdom has to pass, just like ours, we are moribund

Dietrich: My old friend, I'm glad to see ye
But be warned, she still weeps
Hagen: I'm the one, who killed him once
And now he lies six foot deep
Many years she had to wait
A fateful path we have to tread
Hear the horns announce us now
Finally we are dead

"Hagen never denied that he slew Sifrit and passed the hoard to the
Rine. If there was someone to avenge on him - well, so he shalt do now!
But he would have to bear in mind: there's no escape from sword
Balmung! Enmity smouldered like a belowground fire. Here and there
Slept under a Burgundian helmet a silent face, nevermore to awake."

She stirred up a frame for me
Now it became a firestorm
Annihilation will befall
Our death will come at dawn

At the end her face is peace
Which she never ever had
All the fury, pain and hate
They are bygone and dead!

Every drop of my own blood knew the truth
With my last breath left for me, I don't regret
Perish in a sea of flames, like the gods
As Valhalla's burning down, just like us, we are moribund!

"The tale hath here an end; this is the Nibelungens' fall"

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