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Farewell - Kriemhilt's Elegy

This song is by 7 Seals and appears on the album Moribund - Every Kingdom Has to Pass (2008).

Sleep, my love, sleep in my arms
As the rain keeps falling down
And the winds blow hard
Why have you forsaken me?
The first time I have seen you
My heart went up inflames
Though ages have gone by
You'll live forevermore

All I now have are the memories
All I had in you, my love
Gone with the breeze as your journey ends
Dry in tears as I say goodbye

Now farewell, On your way to the eternal home
Hear my song, my elegy will lead you
Farewell, I can hear your voice from a distant world
In my heart we'll be one until the end of time

"And the voice of brave Sifrit stood sole to withstand the finality of time:
'Grieve not, for no evil shall come nigh me...'"