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A Fateful Conspiracy - As Fate Decends on Sifrit

This song is by 7 Seals and appears on the album Moribund - Every Kingdom Has to Pass (2008).

Sifrit has never gone wrong I know
He's our friend so he trusts in us
An' he fought the Danes
So we mustn't murder him at last

Sifrit defamed our queen so deep
He should never speak about that night
All the world knows how it came to be
Amends must be made, I claim the right

Let us take you to the hunt
Turn your back to the battlefield
Praise shall be to him
Whose victory will be revealed

We all hail to the kingdom of Burgundy
For the honour I shall do the deed
Blood will stain the water
As fate descends on him

Those are the wages for my amity
For my service and my loyalty
Now you have your revenge
As fate descends on me

Gunther: Insane we have become
Murder him but just leave me alone
Hagen: Laughs full of bitterness and wrath
Covers my dark face, turn it to stone
Only deceit may help us now
The spot the fallen leaf concealed
She will show me, then the spear will fly
I cannot hesitate

"In her dream he was chased by two wild boars and the flowers turned
Red with blood. 'Tween two hills he laid buried by fallen boulders and
Remained lost to her sight. The vision came true, upon a golden shield he
Returned home and the old king wept bitterly."

Unscathed he came out of all his fights
Shall he be forever gone?
Paralyzed by the pain
Rage fills my mind, my heart is torn

None shall deem we craved his death
I grieve, my heart, it bleeds for you

Witness to the treachery
From his wound the blood is seeping through

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